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Finding an attorney you feel comfortable speaking to. Having a sit down to address your questions. And the attorneys fees.1. you should have the original and or last trust prepared by decedent. 2. Last will of decedent. 3. List of assets.What should you expect from your attorney? A professional who is easy to speak to, answers your questions and treats you with respect.Probate, probate and probate, unless the estate is small.You need both a trust and a will. The will compliments the trust in the event, there are assets left out of the trust that must be probated.Planning for the future for yourself/spouse and the future care of your beneficiaries.The Court, within the appropriate jurisdiction, will determine who should serve as Personal Representative of the Estate and who are the rightful beneficiaries.Allows an agent to have the authority to sign for another person.As soon as you own real estate.At the minimum 6 months.